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The Shining Title Sequence – REDESIGNED BY Aaron (Jiayu Cheng)
The Shining Title Sequence - REDESIGNED BY Aaron (Jiayu Cheng)

The unsolvable maze in the shape of a brain was a metaphor that shows Jack’s brain is like a maze, he was lost in his maze and can’t escape from his craziness and illusion. The red line that was trying to solve the maze can be imagined as blood or lifeline, draw every cast’s name of the film and linked them all together. Then the image zoom out you can see the whole picture of brain, is pushing the meaning to a new level, leading the audiences into the deep thinking.
The image and video of Native American people living and dancing that appear in the title sequence can be linked to the background of the film, The Shining was indicated: the Native American people were suffering Massacre in the past on the land where the Hotel is located. To show the Super Power of “the Shining”, which can feel the others’ feeling or thinking, the historical image of Native American Massacre was shown after the brain shape appears, just like the brain is feeling the pain of Native American people. It’s a new way to see the film from another side. Also, there are some details: the male Native American appears after Jack’s name. And the female Native American image appears after Shelley’s name. It’s a subtle match between history and the film.
This title sequence was trying to pass a heavy and depressing feeling to the audience, which matches the film. By using only three colors: Black, White & Red, the sense of horror, restless, heavy and blood was shown well. The main title was using a “shiny” or flash effect to blind the audiences’ eyes. It’s a huge dramatic moment after the heavy and slow-paced maze before it. Then the blood goes up slowly and the title appears. It can be associated to the “Elevator Scene” in the film.

Image credits Aaron Cheng