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New Noah’s Ark -Editorial Illustration
New Noah's Ark -Editorial Illustration
This series of editorial illustrations I created are regarding the issue of climate change.
I created seven collage artworks with personal items, drawings, tickets and photos, telling a story called “New Noah’s ark” which is about “climate change” and “home”.
Noah’s Ark is a very symbolism story about flood and the disaster that human faced.
But this time, it is going to be caused by the climate change.
In the story, every creature on this earth loses their home due to climate change. 
Only lucky ones can to go a place called “LIFELINE ARK”.
In this story, everyday things became rare and luxurious.
Only a single pair of animals can be transferred to the “Lifeline Ark” by scientist.
It is a very huge story. But I used small personal items to tell the story. Small personal items are the things which are most related to people in the life.
There are more details and more stories can be discovered in this series of illustration.

Image credits Aaron Cheng