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BIOPHILIA by Bjork – Vinyl Cover Design
Branding, Design
BIOPHILIA by Bjork - Vinyl Cover Design

The genre of this vinyl is Alternative Electronic, target audiences are young people. So I created a surrealistic typography image for this cover and a strong contrast between shadow and lightness to catch audiences’ eyes in the vinyl shop.

Cloud was created naturally. However, Cloud can be seen as a link between nature and humanity, it can be imagined as anything or given different meanings. Bjork’s Biophilia, is about relationship between human and nature. Every music note in her album is just like cloud which cannot be defined or restricted, cloud could be a very appropriate symbolism to this album.

To demonstrate Björk’s unique and unpredictable music style and the ethereal fantasy timbre in her music, a fantasy dreamscape was created for this vinyl cover. The moon which is the letter “o” in the cover was inspired by the first song, “moon” in the album. I chose pink and purple as colours, they are not only are romantic style but also has cold technological sense. To show the technology and future nature in her music, I chose Futura as the typeface for the inner-side of the cover. Different styles of Futura are used for hierarchy.

Image credits Aaron Cheng